About Blaine County Food Council

Founded in 2015, Blaine County Food Council (BCFC) is a grassroots group made up local food system advocates from University of Idaho, Local Food Alliance, The Hunger Coalition, St. Luke’s Wood River, city and county officials, farmers, nutritionists, and others. After working for two years on the Blaine County Food Assessment, we formed the council as an action group to carry out our collective food-system goals in our county. 

We strive to integrate all aspects of our local food system to promote efficient, resource-conscious approaches in all phases: production, processing, distribution, access, consumption and recovery. 

Blaine County Food Council’s shared vision of access to fresh nutritious food for our valley demands collective action. 

Our Guiding Principles

  • Inclusion – We invite all Blaine County residents to participate in our efforts to improve local food production, preparation, consumption, education, and advocacy.

  • Health – We aspire to improve the health of our community members, our local economy, and the environment through responsible practices and solutions.

  • Access – We support supply from regional production and demand from our community in order to shape a robust food system that provides all Blaine County residents access to healthy, affordable food.

  • Collaboration – We depend upon partnerships with organizations, businesses and individuals to collaborate toward the livelihood of farmers and ranchers, and the creation and maintenance of desirable communities for people to live in, work in and visit.


Council Members

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Lauren Golden

Lauren Golden is a wife and mother of one and an associate professor with University of Idaho Extension in Blaine County. She specializes in local food systems, sustainable agriculture, and soil management. She also serves as a Western SARE state coordinator for Idaho. Golden holds a B.A. in biology and a M.S. in geography and is currently working towards her Ph.D. in public policy and administration at Boise State University.

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Stacy Whitman

Stacy Whitman is co-director of Local Food Alliance, a program of Sun Valley Institute. She also serves as program assistant for community food systems and sustainable agriculture at University of Idaho. Through this position, she helps coordinate the Blaine County Food Council. Stacy has more than 25 years of experience as a communications professional. A mom of three, she’s devoted much time and energy to improving the food in our local school cafeterias and classrooms.


Ali Long

Ali is a mother, conservationist, impact investor, and community activist. Integrating social mindedness and environmental awareness, Ali is focused on the synergistic reform of our food and financial systems for a balanced global social and environmental system.  Ali is the co-founder of Local Food Alliance, and on the board of directors at Sun Valley Institute in Sun Valley, Idaho. LFA aspires to be a model systemic solution to multiple social and environmental challenges, from obesity and diabetes to the local economy to climate change. 

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Cynthia Luck-Carr

Cynthia Luck Carr, a certified holistic health coach and professional educator, has inspired children and adults in the Wood River Valley for nearly 30 years. Her commitment to community well-being has most recently manifested in her work as a health and lifestyle coach, and as co-founder of Idaho Farm and Food Guild, whose mission is to bolster the profitability of small acreage farming by bridging gaps in the local supply chain.



Amy Mattias

A believer in all things local, Amy is passionate about regenerative agriculture, resilient communities, and small businesses. Amy is the co-director of Local Food Alliance, co-manager of Wood River Seed Library, and serves as the board secretary for the Idaho Center for Sustainable Agriculture. In her free time, Amy creates website (like ours!) for food and farming related entities and recently launched her lifestyle blog, Nourished Consumer.


Lynea Petty

As food production manager with The Hunger Coalition, Lynea Petty focuses her food production and education work on bringing people together through healthy, affordable food access. 



Larry Schoen

Larry Schoen recently completed his fourth term on the Board of County Commissioners representing District 1 (which includes all of Blaine County south of Fox Acres Road in Hailey and Broadford Road in Bellevue).  Previously, Larry served many years as a Blaine County Planning and Zoning Commissioner, Carey Rural Fire Protection District Commissioner and a Blaine Soil Conservation District Supervisor.

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After earning a bachelor’s and master’s in environmental studies and working in the non-profit and government sector, Brett returned to her family’s farm in the Bellevue Triangle to start a flour mill in order to process the grain they grow and provide the community with fresh, healthy flours.


Kaz Thea

Kaz Thea has cultivated a life-long passion for community engagement and was recently elected to the Hailey City Council. Kaz’s work emphasizes sustainability, conservation and education to improve our quality of life.

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Jamie Truppi, MSN

Jamie Truppi is a mother, wife and functional nutritionist who revels in food knowledge and experimentation, and enthusiastically shares her discoveries via consultations, teaching, writing and community collaboration. She seeks life balance through time in nature, frequent adventures and practicing yoga.