October 2018 Meeting Minutes

I. Call to Order

In attendance: Lauren Golden, Ali Long, Stacy Whitman, Lynea Petty, Matt Robinson, Kaz Thea, Jamie Truppi, Cynthia Carr, Larry Schoen, Amy Mattias

II. Introduction & Dialogue

A. BCFC Efforts & Achievements to Date

Based on Lauren’s UI research, BCFC is a step ahead of other food councils around the state, even though we’re newer. Food councils are a relatively new concept and there is no blueprint for them; we’ve had to figure it out along the way. BCFC members agreed on the potential for a local food council network that would allow us to share ideas and resources with other councils. Palouse-Clearwater Food Council is run by someone at University of Idaho. Moscow area has a lot more to support for local/sustainable agriculture in place. They do an annual farm to table educational event with food-related events, speakers, etc., that attracts about 60 people each year. They have good campaigns and marketing materials.

Website & logo – We have built an online presence in the past 18 months

Brochure – Jamie put together a ½-page brochure that is available for council use.

Communications – We will continue to share BCFC news on our website, issue press releases, and strive for more engagement with local newspapers.

B. Benefits of BCFC: Advocacy, Networking, Collaboration, Idea Sharing

C. Discussion: What Are We Doing Well? What Could We Improve On?

Networking – Council members find great value in the networking opportunities that BCFC provides.

Project focus – Staying project focused will help us feel like we’re accomplishing tasks and making a difference.

Annual event – Council members liked the idea of having some sort of annual event with speakers, etc., in late April/early May.

Funding – Having funding will help drive projects forward.

Concrete goals & timelines - Creating a timeline or time horizon for accomplishing our goals is important. In five years, here’s what we would like to see happening.

Make the case for why local food is important – Lauren will draft a document that helps explain why we do what we do.

III. Goals & Focus Areas for FY 2019

A. Review of Current Focus Areas

Council members agreed to continue with current focus areas of Farm to School and Policy. BCFC has partnered with IORC to advocate for policy that supports local sustainable agriculture. Stacy will check in with Breland Draper (IORC) for an update on IORC Food & Ag Task Force. Council members agreed on the need to develop a clear explanation of WHY LOCAL FOOD for the website, to use as talking points, and to show potential funders. Lauren will work on a draft and share with the council at the next meeting. Council agreed that late April/early May would be a great time to present Ken Meter’s report to the community and bring people from the 5/22 workshop back to the table.

B. Discussion of 2019 Initiatives

Council members liked the idea of having an annual event, like Palouse-Clearwater Food Coalition. Council agreed that late April/early May to present Ken Meter’s report to the community and bring people from the 5/22 workshop back to the table. A Spring 2019 event planning committee will be put together.

IV. Organizational Housekeeping

Monthly meetings – Meetings will stay the second Wednesday of each week at 8:30am. We will reconsider day and time for summer months in April or May.

Subcommittee meetings – Tasks will be decided by the council at large and action items assigned to subcommittees.

Membership – Council agreed that it is too early for a membership structure and application. We would like to bring restaurant owners, producers, grocers, chefs, Latinos, etc., to the table. We will continue to invite guests to attend meetings and possibly consider joining our council.

November meeting – to include a report from May event committee and Farm to School committee. Council will add policy to the agenda to start brainstorming to identify projects.

V. Adjournment

Our next regular meeting will be held Wednesday, November 14, at 8:30AM.

Our Vision: Our vision is a strong and vibrant community food system with increased production, distribution and consumption of locally grown foods.

Our Mission: Blaine County Food Council is a multi-stakeholder organization that builds a just, sustainable, and thriving community food system for Blaine County through networking, collaboration, education, and advocacy.

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