April 2018 Meeting Minutes

I. Call to Order

Meeting was called to order at 8:48AM. In attendance: Lauren Golden, Stacy Whitman, Amy Mattias, Brett Stevenson, Lynea Petty, Kaz Thea, Larry Schoen, Cynthia Carr, and Jamie Truppi (by phone)

II. New Business

New members & possible application process
The council discussed the idea of creating an application process for new members. A committee could be assembled to review applications. Before deciding on an application process, we need to decide how big we want to be and how we will be structured. Who are we and what kind of work do we do? We could plan a visioning meeting for April. Lauren and Amy will chat about website and how we will incorporate the visioning. Jamie is interested in furthering this conversation. We have a lot of questions that we probably do have answered but haven’t talked about as a group. There is some gray area about where we want to go. Maybe a smaller group could get together for an initial conversation. We need to do a better job of keeping a record of the history of efforts to reform Blaine County food system. This led to conversation about creating a BCFC website. Per Amy, it would take one week to create a simple landing page website on SquareSpace or WordPress.com and costs would be minimal. If we want to do a monthly newsletter, MailChimp now has ability to do a static website. Lauren noted that SARE funding can be used to help pay for the website. Amy can help with design and asks council members to provide input on what content should go on the website. Before deciding on an application process, we need to decide how big we want to be and how we will be structured. Lauren and Amy will talk about website then work with Jamie to set up visionary meeting.

III. Local Food System/Ken Meter Workshop

Workshop date set for May 22. Local leaders to present efforts to date, including: Lynea/THC on the Community Food Assessment; Cynthia on poultry and meat processing; Kaz on Idaho’s Bounty and farmers’ market; Sherry Kraay on distribution; and Brett on grain mill. Lynea will start a Google Doc to organize this portion of the workshop. We will send an invitation via Paperless Post. We are currently compiling an invitation list on a Google Doc that has been shared with Amy, Ali, Lynea and Cynthia.

IV. Member Updates

5/23 Mobile Food System Tour (Larry): The NACo workshop is about creating a local food network. It will be held on 5/23 from 1:30-5pm to include a panel of 4 to 5 speakers plus a mobile portion that may include stops at Bloom Community Farm, Kraay’s Market & Garden and Sara Berman’s farm. There will be about 50 people attending it. One of the biggest conversations that is happening at the county level is about resilience. If Ken Meter is going to be in town, maybe he could be part of it. Conference will include 15 Western states plus NACo staff that interacts on a daily basis with Congress and the White House. Stacy will provide Larry with information about Ken Meter to consider as a possible speaker. Larry would like the council to provide names for people to speak on the panel – such as Mike Heath, Chris Kastner, Lauren Golden and Jeanne Liston.

Hillside Ranch Grain & Flour (Brett): Brett mentioned regulatory challenges that Hillside is facing between Food Safety Modernization Act and other things. At county level, it is in ag zoning. Food System Class (Lynea): Lynea will be co-teaching a food system class with CSI this fall.

IORC update (Cynthia): Cynthia talked to Breland Draper at Idaho Organization of Resource Councils (IORC). All legislators and the governor and lieutenant government up for reelection this year. Breland is going to meet with ag and food co-chairs. Treasure Valley Food Coalition is working on a poultry market. Cynthia will reach out to them and hopefully talk this week. Breland is having a board meeting this weekend where he will propose a food and ag face-to- face/strategic planning meeting and he would love to have us there. He meets with DC groups and this Farm Bill is supposed be done by September. He doesn’t think it’s going to happen. He has money to send people to DC.

V. Adjournment

Meeting was adjourned at 10:15AM. Next meeting will be Wednesday,
April 11, at 8:30AM, at the County Annex meeting room.

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