August 2017 Meeting Minutes

I. Call to Order

Meeting called to order by Stacy Whitman at 11:18AM. BCFC members in attendance: Lynea Petty,
Jamie Truppi, Stacy Whitman and Ali Long. Also in attendance: Hailey O’Reilly, 4-H Healthy Living Teens Coach for University of Idaho.

II. Updates from Sub-committees:

  1. School Food Initiative – Edible Education, AmeriCorps volunteer, Wellness Committee & Policy/Knowledge Gained from Edible Schoolyard (Stacy, Lynea & Ali) Ali updated on her experience at The Edible Schoolyard. She recommends talking to Ryan Redman to find out how Flourish Foundation mindfulness classes became established in the school district. Based on Ali’s classwork with Chef Ann at The Edible Schoolyard, BCSD isn’t necessarily honoring the rules for wellness committees. GCH has stated that board members can appoint wellness committee members. Where are we on that? Jody Moss and Jamie Truppi both would like to be on the wellness committee. We don’t want to be a thorn in the district’s side. Can we work more on the same team? Hailey O’Reilly pointed out that the beginning of the school year is the worst time of year to propose anything that will add to teachers’ plates. Better to offer to do it for them to take it off their plate. Get on the agenda at one of their staff meetings.
  2. Local Restaurant Procurement (Ali) - Ali updated on HarvestFest. Amy Mattias is working to connect restaurants with producers. Ali proposed meeting at end of September to figure out how to expand and improve on local sourcing in restaurants. Jeff Bacon of The Chamber wanted to build a restaurant association. It would be great to get Jeff here at the table with BCFC to talk about ideas. Restaurants may need some incentive, which could be a marketing campaign to drive customers to restaurants.

III. BCFC Logo (Jamie)

We have done four rounds of logo designs and revisions so far. We are getting closer and hoped to send out proofs to people by today’s meeting. Ali and Lynea suggested not using the state of Idaho in the design as it is overused. They proposed a “clean” look with food that grows in our region, such as a root veggie like an onion. Jamie or Ali will circle back with Judy after consulting with Lauren.

IV. New members (Ali)

Ali proposed adding Amy Mattias and Jeff Bacon, possibly Miles Teitge (who may be moving to Oregon). Send an invitation to join – “let’s partner to meet some of your goals.” Invite teachers, restaurant owners, chefs and farmers – such as Sherry Kraay of Kraay’s Market & Garden, Rodrigo of Vintage and Derrick of Sun Valley Resort—to attend as guests. Moving forward, Council members proposed having six agenda meetings a year on alternate months. Each meeting would focus on one main priority area – school food or restaurant procurement. On “off” months, we could have non-agenda “community conversation” meeting off-site at a local brewery or restaurant. Next BCFC meeting that focuses on school food (November meeting) – invite Jody Moss and Miles Teitge, who attended The Edible Schoolyard Farm to School Intensive with Ali.

V. New Agenda Items

Council discussed the idea of pursuing a Good Food Procurement Policy for either the county or individual towns. We could make it a goal for 2018 and have Breland Draper of Idaho Organization of Resource Councils come to meeting. Stacy will contact Breland to find out where IORC is on their good food procurement campaign.

VI. Hailey Farmers’ Market Survey (Stacy)

Stacy updated on the Hailey farmers’ market survey. Lauren and Stacy surveyed more than a few dozen people at the market and received 19 responses to online survey. There were lots of helpful comments from the desire for more grab-and-go items to . Kaz’s takeaway was the need for more signage, which she has already started working on. Lynea feels the core problem with Hailey market is time and day of week. It has to be a Saturday, but it can’t be a Saturday because there are more profitable markets to go to.

VII. Meeting Adjournment

Meeting was adjourned by Stacy Whitman at 12:43PM. Next regular BCFC meeting to be held in second half of September week after HarvestFest) with a focus on Local Restaurant Procurement (HarvestFest follow up) and invite Amy Mattias and Jeff Bacon to attend. We will do a Doodle poll to find a date – including Amy Mattias and Jeff Bacon on the list.

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