February 2018 Meeting Minutes

I. Call to Order

Meeting called to order by Lauren Golden at 8:45am. BCFC members in attendance: Lauren Golden, Kaz Thea, Amy Mattias, Cynthia Carr, Jamie Truppi, Angenie McCleary, Stacy Whitman, and Ali Long.

II. Creating Local Food Networks Workshop & Panel (May 23, 2018)

Larry Schoen popped in and asked for the council’s participation in a Creating Local Food Networks mobile workshop being organized for the National Association of Counties, Western Interstate Region, being held in Sun Valley on Wednesday, May 23 (right before the Wellness Festival). How do you create a local food network? What are the pitfalls? Larry is on the Resilient Counties Advisory Board. Workshop could be 2-4 hours. Larry will try to attend our next council meeting to provide more information.

III. Local Food System Workshop

Ken Meter will come run a workshop to help our community identify infrastructure, policy and impact investment opportunities for local food system reform. We are looking to invite farmers from Blaine County, Magic Valley, and South Central Idaho region. The audience the choir, farmers, civic leaders, policy stakeholders, land owners, Sun Valley Economic Development, Quigley Farm, etc. What change is necessary for a strong local food system? What are the priorities? It would be good to create a way for people to participate remotely. We need to get clear on the audience for the workshop. Who is the target beneficiary? Ken could showcase examples of impact investing projects from other communities. Ask the farmers: What are our greatest needs? What are the policies they are coming up against? You need the right farmers at the table – i.e., John Klimes/Mike Heath, Nate Jones, Brett Stevenson, Doug Huteg, Larry Schoen, Carol Rath (Prairie Sun) and/or Sara Berman (Squash Blossom), Sherry & Larry Kraay (Kraay’s Market & Garden). Cynthia will facilitate the conversation with the farmers; Lauren will work with Cynthia on this. We will start Google Doc with questions for farmers.


IV. School Food/Edible Education

  1. AmeriCorps 6-month Check-in Parent nights to be held in March, April and May. Jamie applied to the Farm to Cafeteria Conference.

  2. Voices of Our Valley/KDPI Radio Segment - Jamie has been connecting with KDPI. They wanted us to go on air today. They will try to slot us in for next Wednesday at 10AM for a 30-minute conversation. They are interested in knowing more about BCFC – a free flow conversation, not too scripted. Jamie could group it into her AmeriCorps hours. She would love to have someone else with her. They are interested in having us come back in quarterly to share our updates. Objective is to let people know who we are and what we are doing.

  3. Local Restaurant Procurement

    1. Wood River Valley HarvestFest

    2. Farm Friendly Initiative

  4. Member Updates

    1. Garden Docent Program

    2. Edible Schoolyard Academy

V. Adjournment

Meeting was adjourned by Lauren Golden at 10:00AM. Next meeting is Wednesday, March 14, at 8:30am.  


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