January 2018 Meeting Minutes

I. Call to Order

Meeting called to order by Stacy Whitman at 8:35am. BCFC members in attendance: Lauren Golden, Kaz Thea, Amy Mattias, Cynthia Carr, Brett Stevenson, Lynea Petty, Jamie Truppi, Angenie McCleary, Stacy Whitman, and Ali Long (by phone).


II. School Food/Edible Education

  • AmeriCorps Progress Report - This month, Jamie initiated her early childhood nutrition program at Big Wood School. Decision to focus on early childhood nutrition was because there is a really big gap in nutrition education for this age group. Big Wood School designs its own curriculum, so has more flexibility and freedom than a public school to introduce a program of this sort. Jamie has program six nutrients that preschoolers are traditionally deficient in and introduce them one by one. The curriculum includes food handling, activities and a take-home for parents. In January, Jamie worked with 4- and 5-year-olds, who were very interested in exploring the foods. Parent involvement is crucial as they are the ones who will continue the message and providing the foods at home. Four parents responded to Jamie after the lesson. Jamie will work with 75 students every month. Parent nights will be first Thursday of every month, right at pick-up time. First one will be on February 1. It will include a 30-minute talk and Q&A. The nutrients being taught monthly will coincide with seasonal foods available at that time. Jamie also will be teaching one class to the after-school program (ages 5-9, but mostly ages 5-7) at the YMCA a month. This will allow us to develop curriculum for school-age kids. Tracking number of students served, ages, and cost of the program. Adrea Masoner from South Central Public Health contacted Jamie to learn more about the program since she’s teaching a Let’s Move program.

III. New Topics

  1. Radio Program at KDPI - KDPI has offered us a radio spot. Each of us could take a turn to share our perspective and be a collective whole on Wednesdays, a 30-minute segment. Jamie will email information to the council.
  2. Food Wheel School Event - Jamie, Lauren, Stacy and Kathi Kimball are working on bringing a food system education event to Alturus in May 2018. Principal Brad Henson at Alturus is on board and excited. Looking at a late May date. Next meeting is scheduled for Monday 1/22 at 1PM. Impetus for event is past event that Kathi Kimball helped put together at the high school. We are adapting it for a different age group. We will be looking for input from the council to get ideas for presenters, hands-on discovery activities, etc.
  3. Chartwells internal audit presentation – January 24 @ 12pm? Stacy will let council members know whether the Chartwells presentation is on the 1/24 district wellness committee agenda as soon as the agenda becomes available (hopefully this Friday 1/19). Interested council members can listen to the presentation by attending this public meeting.  

IV. Local Restaurant Procurement

Idaho Farm Friendly Initiative - Ultimately, tiers will indicate the restaurants’ adherence to the Idaho Farm Friendly standards. Since we don’t have a website address, people don’t have a place to go to learn more about the standards. Lauren and Lynea put in an application for a U of I intern; 50% of their responsibilities will be to work on the Farm Friendly Initiative.  We want to identify reasonable standards for charter members of the Farm Friendly Initiative. What is doable for restaurants to allow them to dip in their toes without feeling overwhelmed? We want to talk to restaurants and chefs to determine what’s realistic. When we go to speak with them, we want to have ideas and proposals ready. One idea is to have a quarterly special built around Idaho produce or feature an Idaho farm every quarter. We want to create some incentive for them to join aside from the decal on their window. We could create a membership structure but what are they receiving for their membership? We also talked about print materials that would go along with this initiative. Decal, certificate of membership to hang, a slip to put in the billfold. We would like to dovetail with The Chamber’s restaurant committee. We could influence the restaurant committee at The Chamber by establishing a standard for restaurant committee members. To create standards, we need to have a restaurant and a farmer on board. Restaurants need to know what products are available. Kaz commented that, from a City Council perspective, we could promote the local food offerings in restaurants, farmers’ market, etc. Amy proposed starting a Google Doc to start sharing ideas for standards. We also need to demonstrate the value of serving local products to restaurants. How will it benefit them? Kaz noted that Idaho’s Bounty did this very same process years ago, and had many of the same conversations. We shouldn’t re-invent the wheel. Ali noted that it may be a different landscape today. There may be national examples that we can learn from. Jamie noted that we need to put something on the calendar to talk to the restaurants pronto. Amy noted that it is really hard to pin down restauranteurs and chefs. Would a survey be a good idea? Stacy proposed sharing agendas, etc., via Google Docs/Drive.  Angenie mentioned that Farm Friendly seems limiting. Jamie suggested adding a call to action – ie., Ask How We Are Farm Friendly. Lynea pointed out that it is important to step back and work to determine what will engage the consumer. We need to gather feedback on the logo from consumers. Lauren will work with Amy to develop some standards as a starting place. The Good Food Procurement Policy identified five tenets that included: nutrition; local economies; valued workplaces; animal welfare; etc.

V. Adjournment

Meeting was adjourned by Lauren Golden at 10:00AM. Starting in February, we will return to regularly scheduled meetings on the second Wednesdays of the month at 8:30AM. Our next meeting will be on Wednesday, February 14, at 8:30AM.

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