June 2017 Meeting Minutes

I. Call to Order

Meeting called to order by Lauren Golden at 11:05AM. BCFC members in attendance: Lauren Golden, Lynea Petty, Stacy Whitman, Brett Stevenson, Jamie Truppi

II. Intro-Update from LFA

  • LFA-WRSC Food Truck due 6/15
  • 9/15 LFA farm to table dinner fundraiser
  • Most recent HarvestFest flyer
  • Ideas for Local Food Heroes: BCFC members suggested featuring more chefs and restaurant owners.

Other ideas included Chris Kastner, Pat Purdy (farmer in Picabo, no-till drilling), Sharon Lee (owner, Wood River Ranch) or Angela Taylor, Brian Bean, John Klimes, Jamon Frostensen (Frostensen Farm in Fairfield – certified organic, super progressive), Brandon Jones (intercropping – growing clover in with wheat), Sylvie Dorie (herbalist), John Saili (young farmer in Carey – organic production), Sean Stevens (makes ginger beer and smoked meats for Rasberrys – 208.720.7596). After LFA update, group discussed idea of creating a BCFC logo. Stacy will contact a designer to get an idea of cost. Jamie will assist with design ideas.

III. Updates from Sub-Committees

  1. School Food Initiative – Edible Education - Next meeting of the School Food Subcommittee is June 22 at 2PM. Lynea is doing some mapping of current edible education offerings in the Valley. The subcommittee would like to determine how to continue these offerings into school year and get some student-led initiatives. The group has discussed working within structure of Growing Great Minds – to get garden and food education into the mix. Missoula has a Farmer in the Classroom concept that could be be replicated here. Jamie is interested in how to get parents involved in the conversation of packing healthy school lunches. She would like to create a booth at WRVH showing a healthy v. unhealthy lunch – and cost difference.
  2. Local Food Restaurant Initiative (Lauren) - Group discussed the idea of connecting with local food/dining magazines (Taste, Source, etc.) to highlight local procurement. We could ask Ryan Waterfield to find out how many printed of each one. Lynea suggested having a food procurement conversation with The Limelight, as they are buying a lot of food and seem really into community sustainability. It was noted that The Warfield is sourcing from Oregon because chef is from Oregon. For July/August BCFC update, council members discussed featuring The Limelight or another restaurant or chef (such as Rodrigo from Vintage, who is at the farmers’ market every week) that is sourcing locally. Other ideas included Tim Cron/Stanley, Sun Valley Brewery, Smiley Creek (which serves 100% grass fed burgers). Group concluded that July BCFC update will focus on dinner options at the Hailey farmers’ market, to help encourage people to stop by and shop. Lauren will check with Kaz to see what options will be available.

IV. Meeting Adjournment

Meeting was adjourned by Lauren Golden at 11:20AM. Next regular BCFC meeting set for Thursday, August 24, 2017, at 11AM. Next School Food Subcommittee meeting is Wednesday, June 21 at 2PM.

August 2017 Meeting Minutes