November 2017 Meeting Minutes

I. Call to Order

Meeting called to order at 9:41AM. BCFC members in attendance: Lauren Golden, Ali Long, Amy Mattias, Cynthia Carr, Jamie Truppi and Stacy Whitman. Also in attendance: Jeff Bacon from The Chamber.

II. Member Updates

  • Review of updates from Kaz and Lynea:
    • Kaz will be sworn in to Hailey City Council on January 8.
    • Lynea and Kathi Kimball are engaging Jamie (as our AmeriCorps volunteer) to plan a one-day “get to know your farmer” community event with interactive booths in a school gym. BCFC food service director Duane Sorensen expressed his support. Goal would be to increase knowledge around several food system concepts (What is produced nearby? Where do farmers’ products get exported to? What are some of the cycles of production here, etc.) as well as nutrition topics. Lynea is meeting with Manon and Keri York about engaging local Master Gardeners in our community growing spaces. THC plan to have Bloom interns run a 6-week after-school nutrition/cooking program with BCRD has been scrapped due to lack of interest from Bloom interns. St. Luke’s YEAH program may be interested in taking it over.
  • Local Food Alliance will participate in The Sage School 10 th and 11 th graders’ Local Food System Citizen Action Project (inspired by Johns Hopkins FoodSpan) to include a 15-20 minute presentation to students on January 8-10.

III. Edible Education

  1. Goals for AmeriCorps position
  2. Work in Progress
  3. BCFC Involvement & Availability

IV. Local Restaurant Procurement

  1. WRVH Next Steps - At last meeting, we discussed idea of holding a farm to table dinner for the WRV restaurants. Next step will be to find out what restaurants need and what farms can provide, and then hold an event during slack in the spring. We need to look at calendar and pick a date for an event. Think about having North Valley restauranteurs who are already “doing it” (i.e., Chef Sean Temple, Rasberrys, chef at Globus) to prepare food or talk.
  2. Idaho Farm Friendly Initiative Concern was expressed about opening the door to farms that are not practicing sustainable ag. But the Council can determine the criteria. Pastured eggs is now being redefined. Part of setting the standard is being able to back it up. We could start by identifying five products such as beans, wheat, etc. First need to look at what’s available in the volume and price point that restaurants would need. Need to discuss whether we’re including the regional food shed. We want to ensure that if it’s Idaho Farm Friendly that it upholds some sort of standard. Goal with the initiative is to give restaurants something to gain recognition from. Jamie has a two-page list of criteria that she developed for the Wood River Sustainability Center. Create a logo with a simple message and have a campaign to inform the consumer. Jeff suggests looking for grant money to run an advertising campaign. Make requirement so small that a lot of restaurants will qualify. Ultimately (but not initially), we could add tiers (bronze, silver and gold) to indicate their level of participation. Explain that the criteria will change down the road. Be clear about expectations. There would have to be an evaluation worked into the strategic plan. The Chamber is moving forward with a Restaurant Committee. Main reason is to get the restaurants working together. As a group, can we offer health benefits? Because they are having problems with recruitment. Rallying cry: Restaurants need to differentiate themselves. We are two hours from the fastest growing area of Idaho (Boise). Visit Sun Valley had their community meeting yesterday. A woman stood up and complained about the apathy in Ketchum and Sun Valley right now. The Chamber is rolling out Bite of the Valley with local radio stations, featuring a different participating restaurant each week. Coupon packets will be available. To get the produce we want them to be selling, talk to Grasmick and FSA and find out what they are sourcing locally on a regular basis and who’s buying it. Build on what restaurants are already doing it. Point is bring attention to local sourcing and make it a consumer driver. How do we move forward? Look at dates for the event. Talk to Grasmick, FSA and John Klimes. Talk to a few different restaurants focusing on WRVH restaurants.
  3. Idaho’s Bounty update: IB is no longer selling products from small Idaho farms. They are almost exclusively selling organic produce and foods from an Oregon distributor.

V. SARE Food System: Professional Development Opportunity

For part of our state-wide SARE grant, we can apply for a community food system workshop
that can bring in expert speakers on certain topics. What would be of interest to our group?

VI. Adjournment

 Meeting was adjourned by Lauren Golden at 11:10AM. Next meeting will be Restaurant
Subcommittee (date TBD).

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