September 2017 Meeting Minutes

I. Call to Order

Meeting called to order by Stacy Whitman at 10:05AM. BCFC members in attendance: Ali Long, Kaz Thea, Amy Mattias, Cynthia Carr, Brett Stevenson, Lynea Petty, Jamie Truppi and Stacy Whitman. Also in attendance: Jeff Bacon from The Chamber.

II. Update on Hillside Ranch Flour & Grain

Brett Stevenson provided an update on her new flour mill, which is in the works. Hillside is working with a Denmark consultant. Brett is headed to Denmark to meet the consultant at the end of October. They are growing two different varieties of wheat this season. Hillside wheat berries were served at The Elevated Table. Equipment should be here in December/January. Hope to be operating by spring. Plan to grow about 150-200 acres, which will produce a lot of flour. Market will be in Salt Lake, Jackson, Oregon and Montana.

III. School Food Subcommittee Update

  1. AmeriCorps Update: Jamie Truppi has accepted the position of AmeriCorps volunteer for BCFC. The one-year position will be devoted to developing and expanding edible education programs for school-age children in the Wood River Valley. The position is made possible with support of University of Idaho (providing in-kind support), PECO Foundation (donor) and The Hunger Coalition (fiscal sponsor).
  2. Letter in support of school food audit: Angenie is fine with her name being on the letter. Brett is also OK with it. Organization names will be added if Angenie is ok with it. Still need to hear from Erin Paeffle. Jamie will add new BCFC logo.
  3. Volunteers for BCSD Farm to School Week: Jamie Truppi will volunteer on Thursday in Hailey. Kaz Thea will volunteer in Bellevue on Monday.


Logo process was longer than expected. What we came up with is exactly what this
committee needs.

V. Local Restaurant Procurement

  1. Wood River Valley HarvestFest recap - Attendance was very good but not the 500 people that they prepared for. We know now in order to promote local procurement there needs to be one face (probably Ali) that goes in to meet with restaurants. Ali’s biggest takeaway from WRVH and The Elevated Table – except for CK’s and Rasberry’s and others who truly procure local food, there is nowhere for people to truly experience local food. Jeff Bacon encourages baby steps when the council looks to invite restaurants to consider local procurement. Can we get restaurants to purchase what farmers at farmers’ market take home? John Klimes brings exorbitant amount of food to markets. It doesn’t all get purchased. Commercial kitchen where people can come and make their own stuff is needed, as is storage. Someone wants to bring investors together to make a community food hub happen. Playhard Give Back are not currently using their storage. Sawtooth Botanical Garden has a walk-in refrigeration unit. Farms are all south of here so it really needs to be Bellevue or Hailey. Bellevue General Store has a kitchen but it is not a commercial kitchen, baking only. It’s close to the farmers. Educational classes, storage, etc. Quigley Farm has commercial kitchen as part of their plan. Education-wise, we could use something in every town. Where are our resources right now? Potential to really move on an idea – where is our best bet? Renting General Store may be easiest to get going.
  2. Next steps for local restaurant procurement - Jeff Bacon, who used to manage Sawtooth Produce, emphasizes baby steps. You have to make it really easy for chefs. Farm has different units than restaurant units. The whole thing about local movement is that it’s more expensive to buy tomatoes locally than to have them shipped from California. Conversations with chefs/restaurants should happen one on one before you meet as a group, per Jeff. Restaurants will ask, what will I get out of it? Ali wants to have a farm to table dinner for restaurants and chefs. Include restaurants that have not participated in WRVH before. Best time would be slack (first week of November through early December). WRVH is in need of volunteers who are capable enough and of age so they can serve alcohol. Roles include sending a volunteer at each restaurant to explain what event is about, talk about compost system, etc. Restaurant staffing is a huge issue in this valley. Having a place where we can train people to work in restaurants, etc. Identify 10 restaurants who are ready to take the baby step? We leave it up to them. At this year’s WRVH, there were only two face-to- face meetings with producers. As a result of WRVH, KBs Hailey will now be serving beans from Agrarian Harvest in Buhl. (Connect with Amy about this before putting in LFA newsletter.) The goal is to go beyond this event to extend throughout the year. How do we now follow up and make more of those Rodolfo stories? Producers don’t have a price list. They don’t have bulk orders. They want to provide it consistently. Kraays’ is now offering items in bulk. Understand the logistics of the restaurants and what they need. Hannah McNees expressed interest in forming a restaurant committee. Restaurants are 3% engaged in what we are doing. They are 97% engaged in having a crowd of people at their front door. Lots of chefs who shop at Hailey farmers’ market. Smokey Bones buys boxes and boxes of food from John Klimes. Create a sign with BCFC logo and we support John Klimes. Learning more about food hubs in communities like ours. Find people who have worked as restaurant liaison.
  3. Tahoe Food Hub: Either Reno or Truckee. Restaurant procurement, market stand, etc. Do a survey to get feedback from restaurants on their needs. Let them know that they have a voice. Have it be from the restaurant committee. Wood River Business Expo, Limelight Hotel, October 25. Kaz, amy and Jamie noted that it would be better to spread out food events (not have WRVH, Feastival and Oktoberfest on same night). Sun Valley Harvest Festival was this weekend. Could we move one of the events to another weekend? Jeff Bacon doesn’t think it’s a problem.
  4. Good Food Procurement Policy: IORC is really interested in individual (consumer) procurement right now. Ali told them about Blaine County Food Council and they were very interested. When it comes to organizations or institutions, you have to buy in those economies of scale. It doesn’t make sense for local farmers

VI. Adjournment

Meeting was adjourned by Stacy Whitman at 12:38PM.

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