May 2018 Meeting Minutes

I. Call to Order – 8:30AM

In attendance: Lauren Golden, Kaz Thea, Larry Schoen, Jamie Truppi, Brett Stevenson, Amy Mattias, Stacy Whitman, Ali Long

II. NACO Workshop Update – 8:35-8:55AM (Larry)

NACO Conference is about building resiliency. Lauren Golden will give an introduction. Workshop starts at 1:30pm at Sun Valley. Panel speakers include Ali Long (non-profit perspective), Mike Heath and Chris Kastner. The Hunger Coalition was invited to speak but Jeanne will be out of town. Lynea will lead a discussion at the Bloom Community Farm. Ed Zinager will talk about Squash Blossom on the farm. Kaz suggested presenting information about the Community Food Assessment and The Hunger Coalition’s efforts during the panel session. Brett suggested including topic of county land use code with regards to agriculture. Larry remarked that the subject may come up but it may be beyond the scope of the workshop.

III. School Food/Edible Education – 8:55-9:10AM (Jamie)

  1. Farm to Cafeteria take-homes
    Jamie attended the Farm to Cafeteria Conference in Columbus, Ohio, in April. She noted that we should be proud of all our efforts so far. One of the key messages at the conference was – don’t give up! Jamie attended a workshop on how to move forward with Farm to ECC (Early Child Care). You can’t have Farm to School without having Farm to ECC. We have to start them young! Farm to ECC is a good way to start in our community. Every state is rewriting their initiatives when it comes to Farm to School because the Trump admin had reduced funding for Farm to School. Jamie is talking to Ivy Smart about what we can do in terms of writing Farm to ECC into our existing state bylaws for ECCs. Jamie is excited about the possibilities. All four of the states that presented – which included Vermont and Nevada - has a champion at the state level. Brett and Ali will reach out to Michelle Stennett and Sally Toone from Gooding for an in-person meeting. How can we find good people to run for the board? Zones 1, 3 and 5 will be up for election in 2019.

  2. “EATS Blaine County”
    Larry noted that there is a way to have positive messaging around the school food issue. Instead of saying “the food is terrible and it has to change,” try saying, “We have an opportunity to XXX.” Larry recommended working to create more public engagement – create a forum or a place for people to submit comments on the new BCFC website or on Facebook. Take out a couple of ads in the Mountain Express and the Weekly Sun. Board members can hear the words of the people themselves. The school district does not respond well to angry comments. They do respond well to a collaborative approach. There tends to be a bunker mentality when they feel under siege. Once we become more organized, we can take it to IORC and the state-wide food leaders groups. Kaz suggested getting more involved with Idaho Preferred. Can we help break down the barrier to sourcing local foods in schools? Council members present agreed to make this school food community advocacy group a BCFC initiative.

IV. Restaurant Procurement – 9:10-9:30AM (Ali)

Ali raised the idea of having LFA focus on restaurant procurement and turning the council’s attention to policy. Council members agreed on this route.

V. BCFC Website – 9:40-9:50AM (Amy)

Amy still needs headshots and bios for the website. Larry is replacing Angenie as county commissioner representative on Blaine County Food Council for the foreseeable future.

VI. Ken Meter Workshop – 9:45-10:00AM (Lauren)

We have received 32 RSVPs for the workshop. Ali may have one more – Matt Moran from Morningstar Organics.

VII. Member Updates

Brett will be headed to Washington DC in June – please send her any comments regarding the Food Bill.

VIII. Adjournment – 10:00AM

Our next regular BCFC meeting will be held on Wednesday, June 13, at 8:30am at County Annex Building meeting room.

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