September 2018 Meeting Minutes


In attendance: Lauren Golden, Cynthia Carr, Amy Mattias, Stacy Whitman, Jamie Truppi, Larry Schoen, Matt Robinson

II. Community Food System Strategic Plan 

Ken Meter’s visit to the WRV has been postponed until November 5-10. Ken wants to interview farmers, wholesale buyers, distributors, consumers, low-income consumers, chefs, institutional food service directors, grocers, composters, policy experts, other seasoned analysts, and more. Stacy will circle back with Ken to better understand what type of consumers he hopes to talk to and send the list to BCFC to review. 

III. Policy Subcommittee & Updates

BCFC has joined IORC as an organizational member. Aimee Christensen attended the IORC House party on 8/29. Matt Robinson and Larry Schoen will participate on monthly IORC Food & Ag Task Force calls. Stacy will ask Breland about putting all BCFC members on the Food & Ag Task Force email list.

IV. School Food Updates

Stacy has had three meetings with BCSD Business Manager Bryan Fletcher and Len Harlig regarding food quality and local/regional sourcing. Bryan is creating a RFP draft that will be presented to the school board at their November meeting. Larry noted that trying to pressure the district to change does not work. A more effective strategy is to present the pathway to making the change – i.e, “show them the way.” 

V. Farm to Preschool Grant

Jamie and Lauren received a $63,000 grant from Idaho Department of Health & Welfare to develop a Farm to ECE (Early Childhood Education) pilot program in South Central Health District that they hope will become a model for the rest of the state. A full-time educator will be hired to develop and implement curriculum, cooking demonstrations, local/regional food procurement, etc.

VI. Idaho Food Councils - UI Research Project

Lauren and colleagues at UI are interviewing Idaho food councils to learn more about how these groups function, what type of activities they do, and whether they feel they are making a difference in their local food system. Based on interviews so far, BCFC is ahead of the game!  

VII. 10/18 Local Food Economy Conference

UI's Balancing Profitability & Access in Local Food Systems conference (10/18 at The Riverside Hotel in Boise) will have some dynamic speakers. CLICK HERE to register. Scholarships are available - email Lauren for details.   

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