August 2018 Meeting Minutes

Call to Order – 8:40AM

In attendance: Lauren Golden, Ali Long, Larry Schoen, Jamie Truppi, Stacy Whitman

Old Business

Farm Bill Position Stand –

BCFC signed onto IORC’s 2018 Farm Bill Platform. We will issue a press release announcing it. Stacy will explore adding BCFC members to IORC’s email list and/or Food-Ag Task Force. Western Organization of Resource Councils (WORC) is another group that we could partner with. Policy is created among groups that lobby policymakers. Larry recommends reaching out to Layne Bangerter, state director of USDA Rural Development, to explain what we’re doing and to find out if there are any USDA programs that could help. There also is a central Idaho office of USDA Rule Development in Twin Falls. 

BCFC Mission Statement –

Stacy and Lauren will continue to work to refine our mission statement. Larry suggested articulating our vision first, then create a mission statement to define what activities we will do to make that vision a reality. 

Food System Strategic Plan –

Ken Meter led a short working session at the Sun Valley Institute Forum and will travel here again for Wood River Valley HarvestFest. The week of September 17, he will conduct interviews with stakeholders. LFA hopes that BCFC can help identify the most valuable people to speak with. He will ask farmers about the existing barriers and needs. Ken is insistent that the solutions come from the community itself. 

Policy Subcommittee –

Our policy subcommittee members are Brett, Lynea, Kaz, Larry, and Aimee Christensen. We need someone to head up the subcommittee and decide on a date for our first meeting. Can anyone attend the IORC house party/potluck for people interested in changing food policy on August 29 in Boise? We may need to develop a budget for members to travel to meetings and conferences. The council agrees that more participation by a BCFC member in the monthly IORC and WORC calls would be beneficial. 
This participation would help our group network with a larger policy platform, and also understand the larger systemic issues that are impacting our food system. 

Adjournment – 10:00AM

The next BCFC meeting is Wednesday, September 12, at 8:30AM at the County Annex Building. 

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