November 2018 Meeting Minutes

I. Call to Order

In attendance: Brett Stevenson, Lynea Petty, Lauren Golden, Kaz Thea, Jamie Truppi, Larry Schoen, Stacy Whitman

II. Policy

Curbside composting - Kaz has had some initial conversations regarding curbside composting. Talked to Winn and the guy in charge of the wastewater treatment plant. Winn really wants to use the biosolids and turn into compost for yards, not veggie gardens. He has to be permitted from the EPA and other organizations. If he can get a permit, the city of Hailey will engage with him. Ketchum really needs a biosolids plant. Talk to Winn and Mike Goitiandia about curbside recycling. A lot of other communities are doing it. Winn doesn’t have enough food compost. Maybe just spring, summer and fall. Larry sees logistical challenges with animals getting into it. Could BCFC help support Winn in the permitting process? Kaz will schedule a meeting with Mike and Winn. Larry will touch base with Josh at regional solid waste district in Burly - has authority over all solid waste. Larry is on the board. BCFC members agreed that it is worthy of pursuing.

Possible policy initiatives - based on IORC”s 2019 policy objectives Council members expressed interest in supporting IORC’s efforts to pass the grocery tax legislation and increasing local food system strength through good food purchasing policies at the organizational level. Kaz expressed concern about getting into the mindset of eliminating tax, which is necessary to pay for things. Larry supports grocery tax exemption if other exemptions (corporate and other transactions that are not taxed) are repealed. It’s really a social issue. People could afford to buy more expensive food if they lost the tax. How much is the grocery tax generating? Stacy will ask Breland for more info on the grocery tax.

III. Community Food System Strategic Plan

Create a voluntary fund among producers. Clif Bar as a company is very progressive. Matthew Dillon. Ask Ken about Chiobani or Clif Bar should be interviewed. Sara Dorland is an ag business advisor that focuses on dairies across the country. If she could be scheduled earlier on or consulted about who to talk to? Call Cloverleaf Creamery. Ask Ken about Culinary Institute.

Spring 2019 Event Planning

Would need to raise funds for Ken’s travel, his professional fees are covered. We would need to find a location less expensive than the Limelight. Could open it up to the community and charge a $5 or $10 fee. If we invite same list as 5/22 workshop, perhaps we should have the event in March or April. Should also plan to . Stacy will talk to Ken about nature of the presentation of the report to the community - should he facilitate? What should meeting look like? Possible dates?. Choose a date for the spring event by the December meeting. Stacy will check in with Ken.

IV. Adjournment

Our next regular meeting will be held Wednesday, December 12, at 8:30am.

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