The Blaine County Food Council: Making a Difference in Idaho

The coronavirus pandemic has had a devastating effect on the agricultural industry, particularly in rural and remote areas where it accounts for nearly 17 percent of employment. In Hailey, Idaho, community advocate Molly Page was determined to make a difference and reconnect an interrupted potato supply chain in her county. She organized a group of more than 50 volunteers to provide members of her community with 40,000 pounds of fresh local produce over two weekends. This grassroots effort has had a huge impact in Blaine County, where half of the area's students receive free or reduced-price lunches.

The Blaine County Food Council has since expanded its efforts to neighboring Camas, Gooding and Lincoln counties. The council has been instrumental in providing fresh produce to those in need and helping to support local farmers. But does the council have a website or social media presence?The Blaine County Food Council WebsiteThe Blaine County Food Council does indeed have a website. It is an excellent resource for those looking for information about the council's mission and activities.

The website provides an overview of the council's work, including its mission statement, contact information, and upcoming events. It also includes information about how to donate to the council and how to volunteer. The website also features a blog with updates on the council's activities and news about local food initiatives. It is an excellent way to stay informed about what is happening in Blaine County and how the council is making a difference.

Blaine County Food Council Social Media Presence

The Blaine County Food Council also has an active social media presence. The council has accounts on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

These accounts are regularly updated with news about the council's activities and upcoming events. They are also used to share stories about how the council is making a difference in the community. The social media accounts are also used to promote local food initiatives and encourage people to donate to the council. They are a great way to stay connected with what is happening in Blaine County and how the council is making an impact.


The Blaine County Food Council is making a big difference in the lives of those in need in Blaine County, Idaho. The council has an active website and social media presence that provides information about its mission and activities, as well as updates on how it is making a difference in the community.