Creating a Resilient Future: Initiatives of the Blaine County Food Council in Idaho

The Blaine County Food Council (BCFC) is a multi-stakeholder, grassroots group that is devoted to strengthening the regional food system in Blaine County, Idaho. Led by the Local Food Alliance (LFA), the BCFC works to promote communication, coordination, and collaboration among local food system stakeholders through quarterly networking events. The Coalition Against Hunger, also known as the Bloom Community Food Center, is an organization that strives to combat hunger in Blaine County. They provide access to nutritious meals all year round and have implemented initiatives such as Daily Bites, which offers healthy child-friendly snack pantries in easily accessible locations.

The Coalition Against Hunger and the Community Library are also collaborating to bring a food truck and a mobile library to isolated neighborhoods in Blaine County. The BCFC is also dedicated to promoting education and agriculture in Blaine County. Through these initiatives, they hope to inspire a resilient future for all members of the community. Currently, 36 to 42% of children in Blaine County schools and Syringa Mountain schools access the free or reduced-price lunch program at school. The BCFC is committed to improving the food system in Blaine County and providing access to good nutrition for all members of the community. Through their initiatives, they are working towards creating a healthier and more resilient future for everyone.