Creating a Sustainable Food System in Blaine County, Idaho

The Blaine County Food Council in Idaho is devoted to tackling the issues of food waste and composting. To this end, they are currently gathering public opinion on the collection of compostable materials for the citizens of Hailey. This includes food scraps, yard waste, and certified compostable products. The Council is also striving to build a local food system in Blaine County.

This is no small feat, as the area faces numerous challenges such as climate, lack of processing facilities, and labor shortages. To overcome these obstacles, the Council has proposed land access agreements and internship programs to promote local food production for local consumption. In addition, the Coalition has conducted surveys to better understand the needs of food-insecure households in the area. The results showed that 23% of respondents would be willing to volunteer or work in the food trade if they could get help, while 46% said they would never ask for food assistance.

To further support those in need, the Coalition also purchases food at a discount from the Idaho Food Bank and other commercial national and regional food suppliers. The Blaine County Food Council is dedicated to creating a sustainable food system that meets the needs of all its inhabitants. Through their efforts to collect compostable materials, establish land access agreements, and purchase discounted food from suppliers, they are working hard to guarantee that everyone in Blaine County has access to healthy and nutritious meals.